Thai/Laos trip 2013: Bangkok

My 2013 Thai/Laos trip posts ends with Bangkok. This city has always been my pitstop because it’s a city of extremes: temples for some education, a tuk tuk for some Fast and the Furious-action or take a longtail boat for some romance.

DSC06915My family and I have always hung around Pratunam as it is the center of everything we want: a sea of boutiques and markets where I could never overspend.

Beside spending time with friends and family, most of what we did was eat and shop. Out of habit, on our first day there, I had to go to Pratunam so I could fill up my empty suitcase (which you can read in a former post: Thai/Laos trip 2013: Bangkok & Vientiane).

I’ve been to Bangkok so many times, I’ve visited it all already. Except Bangkok is a city where there are new complexes every year and so I always have something new to discover.

Out of all the things I had done, I’d recommend Asiatique The Riverfront. It’s an outdoor riverside mall with fun shopping. That means fun, cheap shoes and clothes, touristy house wares, tee shirts and other souvenirs but also some higher end clothes made by budding local designers, etc.

Asiatique is also home to the Calypso Theater Restaurant. During dinner we enjoyed a very nice traditional Thai Classical dance performance by dancers of the Sawasdee Restaurant.

I could continue and write about other places like Fashion Island and many more but Asiatique took the trophy for me as I was in awe watching the Bangkok skyline from the ground.



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