Thai/Laos trip 2013: Ko Samet

Our well-deserved heavenly beach trip was at the isle of Ko Samet named after the ‘Samet’ trees (Thai for cajeput trees).

DSC05837Ko Samet offers all the essential elements that make up a fun-filled holiday escapade. However after a three-hour drive and about 45 minutes by ferry, we had to pay some scammers at the Samet Port Rayong Pao as they were claiming we couldn’t set foot on the island otherwise.

We also got ripped off at the entrance of the Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park for some toll and the green cabs couldn’t take us all the way to our resort cause there were no roads that went all the way there. To resume it all: it would’ve been faster and cheaper had we taken a boat straight to the resort which we winded up doing on our way back.

Nonetheless, once we arrived at our resort, it was also the start of our paradise-like holiday. We had booked 3 bungalows at the Vongdeuan Beach Resort where we stayed in for dinner and breakfast.

We had our meals at the crescent-shape of the beach that provided us a fantastic view of both sides of the bay with crystal clear water and white sand beach lying in between. That’s also where I had witnessed a spectacular sunset and sunrise.

On our second day there, my gang went scuba diving leaving me at the resort cause of my unwanted visitor of the month. I know it’s TMI but it’s a woman’s life so get over it.

I just spend most of my day curled up in bed but I did enjoy a lovely lunch with my sis-in-law’s bro and his daughter. We had a Thai papaya salad with sticky rice right in front of a decor of heaven. The second highlight of the day was the fire show that was provided to us for dinner.

Our third day was all about tanning, eating, spas and playing at the beach. That also resumes the definition of my heavenly beach trip.

Our last day was a bit sad since I didn’t want to leave but it was time to go back to Nonthaburi and continue my posts on Bangkok.


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