Thai/Laos trip 2013: Ayutthaya

With my sister-in-law’s brother who’s at the start of his holidays, we had our fixed chauffeur for the rest of the trip. Our first stop was Ayutthaya, it used to be the capital of Thailand in the 16th century. Today it is part of the UNESCO world heritage and you still get a good impression of how big and prosperous this city must have been.


Seeing that my sister-in-law’s Thai, she bought our tickets to the ruin sites for local price. All my brothers had to do was shut their mouths because they don’t speak Thai and all I had to do was hide behind the rest of the family since I can’t pull off being a local cause of my fair skin tone. And no, I don’t whiten my skin and I shall forever blame my dad for my freaking natural skin colour and not being able to tan at all.

We were wandering around Wat Mahathat through endless ancient ruin sites. What once was prosperous however has become a demolished site. The site has also become famous for the lone Buddha’s head entrapped by the roots of an overgrown banyan tree.

After Wat Mahathat, we stopped by Wat Yai Chaimongkol, one of the best-preserved ancient royal monasteries. The temple is famous for its large reclining Buddha and a 62-metre inverted bell-shaped chedi (pagoda) built to commemorate King Naresuan’s victory over the Burmese.

To finish our trip to Ayutthaya, our visit was filled with something more recent in terms of the cultural contexts: the Ayodha Floating Market. This medium-sized market is a modern interpretation of what traditional floating markets looked like back in Ayutthaya’s heyday.

We hadn’t done a whole lot more cause we had to head back to Bangkok to meet with some longtime friends. My next post: Ko Samet.


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