Thai/Laos trip 2013: Nonthaburi

Nonthaburi is where we set camp in Thailand. My sister-in-law’s family reside there and that’s exactly where we shall be.

DSC03167After spending one hectic week in Laos (see my 3 previous posts on the Thai/Laos trip 2013: Bangkok & Vientiane; Vang Vieng; Luang Prabang), it was time for me to chillax.

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have done much except eat, sleap and put these 2 actions on repeat. Only my sis-in-law was in charge now and she filled 2 full weeks for us. During our time in Thailand, we visited: Ayutthaya, Koh Samet and a whole lot of malls and whatnot in Bangkok.

Stay tuned for my next post: Ayutthaya.


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