The expansion of the Li B&B

Our foreign family members who make pit stops in Belgium usually stay at the very well-known Li B&B in Flanders where I was conceived, born and raised in. But ever since 2 of my brohams and I moved to Brussels, it expanded their choice to 3 other places.

SONY DSCDuring the weekend of the Flower Carpet in Brussels, we had to welcome our dad’s brother and his wife from France, my mom’s sister and her family from Paris and my cousins from the US who are expats in Holland. My mom had to work that weekend and therefore the Li B&B wasn’t an option. My eldest bro Top was abroad and thus his place wasn’t open for service either. So our visitors only had 2 choices: my teeny, tiny apartment and my third brother Ba Boon’s ginormous house. My auntie from Paris was the first one to reserve my penthouse apartment, everyone else had no other choice but to stay at the Ba Boon Plaza.

Our guests’ visit started of at my apartment’s restaurant for some fried chicken, sweet pork with eggs and some papaya salad. We then waited in front of the entertainment (TV) munching on some tropical fruits (that my auntie bought from Paris) till it stopped raining before we headed out into town for the Flower Carpet. It was so crowded, it felt like the whole world decided to visit Brussels at the same time. We then went to see Manneken Pis (the little peeing guy) that is a landmark, small bronze sculpture in Belgium. That place was so packed, I could only take pics of the sky…

After all the madness, we needed to booze up while waiting for our American friends. My cousin brought her Mr, her Ittybot and 2 of her friends. Since her friends were staying at a paying hotel, I took them in for check-in first before heading to my penthouse again where we were waiting for my cousins to register into their Plaza. I need to mention that the Ba Boon Plaza also offers a free taxi service to city center for its customers. The additional benefit to this service is that the owner of the Plaza’s also the chauffeur. Once we gathered everyone, we had a Belgian dinner at a restaurant that was right beneath my apartment. And to conclude the day, we headed back into town for some late-night bowling to burn some calories.

While the Americans wandered around town the next day, the Ba Boon Plaza welcomed all the other guests for a barbecue. Since there were only 2 small disposable €1 grills available, we had to cheat and roast the left-over skewers in the oven with the leg of lamb. The lamb and the potatoes were so juicy, nobody noticed anything. Besides, the guests were staying for free so we left no room for bad reviews. We spent the rest of the night watching shows (on TV) while listening to a guitar concert featuring my Parisian uncle and Ba Boon.

On the 3rd and final day, the Li headquarters in Flanders opened its doors again to receive the guests. Ba Boon and I didn’t join them anymore cause of fatigue but they absolutely left us mouthwatering with the food display they had at my 2nd broham’s place: Mr & Mrs Noodle’s restaurant.

2014-08-26 17.18.02


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