Parkkaffee & Polé Polé

What was supposed to be a picnic turned out to become something very fancy. Since the weatherman in Belgium is not to be trusted, we were, most of the time, looking for cover beneath a covered beer tent, cocktail bar and restaurant with a ton of animation at the Parkkaffee in Ghent. Part of the animation were tarot cards, magic theatre, craft workshop, jazz concert, etc.

2014-07-20 18.43.31-1

I hadn’t paid too much attention to the animation cause the weather wasn’t all that great. I’d recommend the Parkkaffee if you wanna go somewhere fun with kids. It was lovely for me and my friends too but the “No swimming” sign is what obsessed me. Why would they put that sign up and have a rope and tires hanging from trees so you can jump right into the lake? Can you feel the torture? And so we kept ourselves busy at the swing while there were kids looking at us with pure envy. Let’s torture them for half an hour since we were being tempted ourselves too.

2014-07-20 18.46.31

I was there for my friend T’s 30th birthday and it wasn’t hard to think of a gift for her: my homemade egg rolls. The egg rolls turned out a bit salty since I purposely didn’t add any onions. Call me lazy but I refused to chop the onions cause I didn’t want to cry a whole river. I’m actually still waiting for a nice soul to buy a brand new blender and gift me with their old one. But it’s the gesture that counts and even a bit salty, I’m sure she’d still love it.

I didn’t stay late enough for the bonfire and I winded up at the Ghent Festivities which is one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe. This festival is both an urban festival, a cultural event and a large-scale popular feast on an area that amounts to 765.000 m2. As you can tell, it was way too huge for me to visit it all. I just went for a walk and took pics of the Polé Polé concert which is always something spectacular to see. It’s a live stage over water in the historic city center of Ghent. You can see it as a floating festival village with 40 live bands, a stage and an audience on waterAnd of course, the legendary after parties till 3am.

Graslei & Korenlei - Ghent
Polé Polé – Ghent Festivities

Again what I’ve written down on my to-do list as a picnic became a birthday party at an animated parc and a stroll at one of the biggest festivals in Europe. The weather’s slowly becoming much better in Belgium and so I might still get a shot at a real picnic this summer. If that were the case, I’ll keep you posted for a part 2 of the picnic post. If not, then you can see it as a fancy picnic on just another Sunday evening…


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